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Design Center Linz
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Design Center Linz
Europaplatz 1

4020 Linz

Wo Ihre Veranstaltungen glänzen…

Jede Veranstaltung beginnt mit einer Vision – bei den Mitarbeitern des DESIGN CENTERS LINZ besteht diese darin, Erlebnisräume zu schaffen. Das DESIGN CENTER LINZ punktet als moderner Austragungsort für nationale und internationale Veranstaltungen und Kongresse (ab 150 bis rd. 3.000 Personen). Die Veranstalter schätzen modernste Technik am Puls der Zeit. Ein flexibles Raumkonzept auf 10.000m² und ein Glasdach lassen genug Raum für die besten Ideen. In dieser hellen Umgebung sind beste Ergebnisse garantiert. Professionelle Planung und Umsetzung vor Ort lassen Veranstaltungen zu  einmaligen Erlebnissen werden.

Inhalte sollen nachhaltig beeindrucken, modernste High-End-Technik und kreative Gesamtraumlösungen bieten den Veranstaltern den richtigen Rahmen für Ihre engagierten Ziele.


The Design Center Linz is a modern and multifunctional event location. Its glass roof creates daylight atmosphere indoors but also can be darkened automatically. Due to its versatility it stands out during conventions, public and trade fairs, during galas, presentations, events, and all kind meetings. The Design Center Linz can transform your event into an exceptional overall concept that will leave a lasting positive impression on your target group. With our full-service-concept, ranging from hosting via impressive technology (light, projection, sound) to tasteful catering, we live really the once face to our customer and green meeting philosophy.

Green Meetings & Events in Linz – MORE VALUE FOR YOUR EVENT!

The DESIGN CENTER believes in a “green” today, tomorrow and future, sustainability and responsible handling of our resources being our main focus. Therefore, the DESIGN CENTER has been a provider and certification authority for Green Meetings & Events since December 1st 2012. More and more organizers are implementing the concept of green meetings or green events. They mostly profit from an improved image in the eyes of guests, sponsors, customers und the regional population.
For a specific event this would mean that there is a particular focus on environmentally friendly arrival and departure arrangements, avoidance of waste, energy efficiency and regional value creation. Caters are expected to use organic regional and fair trade products. With a little flexibility, the costs within a green meeting or event should even out so that they won’t exceed the costs of other comparable events. The DESIGN CENTER is ahead of its time: From the very beginning of the planning of the DESIGN CENTER, there has been an emphasis on creating a timeless, multifunctional and ecologically sustainable event location, complying with today’s idea of “green thinking”. Through the installation of an additional well-water cooling system the DESIGN CENTER remains economical, efficient and ventilated in an environmentally friendly fashion during all seasons. The DESIGN CENTER assumes its ecological and social responsibility with conviction and will continue to do so in the future.
DESIGN CENTER goes green – join us!